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Excellent Typefaces for Legibility and Readability

A typefaces’ x-height, counter, ascender and descender metrics are shown here. 

Whenever we begin the production phase of annual report season (which is in January for us), I start surveying font faces for use in the books. The aim is to achieve typographic clarity and visual comfort for the reader for the large sets of copy and financials, so I look for a face with a good balance of both legibility and readability.

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Typefaces of the Decade


From Print Magazine‘s Regional Design Annual 2010

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Typography & The Fibonacci Sequence

Leonardo Fibonacci, or, most commonly, simply Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician, considered by some the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages.

I received a question from one of my typography students today asking about the mathematics of the Fibonacci Sequence and it is applied in the use of setting type.

Hello Mike, I am busy studying for the exam and have a question about the math connected to the Fibonacci Sequence. I understand the sequence of numbers but my notes say that there is a way to determine the header size for 11 point copy and I don’t understand how that works. Please help.
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An Informative Type of Conference

Barry speaking about flight schedules (photo by Tipocracia)

TypeCon 2010: Babel finally made its way to Los Angeles, and just in time. I’ve been teaching type for over a year now, and was interested to see what was happening currently in the world of typography, and more importantly, how I could use the information in my classes.

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Wildlogo Conservation Quiz

Natural recognition.

Whether they are cute and cuddly, or ferocious and strong, these animal logos or mascots resemble brands with personality. See if any of these creatures bring comfort to your memory and recall skills. Good luck!

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