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Good First Impressions Can Lead To Everlasting Love

You can tell a lot from a person on first impression. A smile, a handshake, or verbal exchange is enough for us to make an assessment on someone’s personality. A few seconds are all we need to form our first impression and develop initial attraction.

Personality + Communication = Love
A relationship starts with an attraction to personality (brains) and physical traits (beauty), and trust continues development through socializing (conversation). The continuing interpersonal attraction can have different levels of intensity, which affect our mental and emotional understanding of each other. Lasting love depends on behavior as much as biology.

First impressions are hardwired into our psyche.

Brand Attributes + Experiences = Trust
Brands work the same way. In dealing with companies, products and services, consumers are emotionally seeking certain brand traits (story and image). Once consumers find brand personalities they identify with, they decide if brands embody convenience and comfort, and as the relationship continues, loyalty is fostered. Customer commitment to a brand is key to a company’s value and longevity.

People are attracted to brands.

People are attracted to brands.

The one thing that does break customer loyalty, is a violation of trust. Bad service, low quality products, frustrating user interface and inconsistency of image can cause consumers to seek new brand relationships. If you want to keep friendships, relationships and customers, stay consistent, dependable, appealing and committed to your fan base.


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