Wham-Bam, Thank You Ma’am

In a slow economy, it’s second nature for business owners to focus solely on their operations and put marketing on the back burner. But to the public, they are communicating exactly what they are doing: focusing on their current clientele (billable time or cash flow) and ignoring their new customers (operations). There’s no overarching marketing message here, folks.

They are only concentrating their efforts on the inside and not really viewing their company from a their customers’ point-of-view.

Sometimes I discover businesses that focus only on the inside through Los Angeles deals on Groupon. Before I make a purchase of a deal that sounds intriguing, I’ll look at their Web site to see who the company is, and see exactly what they are offering.

Funny, you’d think that with all the extra traffic companies get from advertising on Groupon, that the’d spruce up their Web site for the thousands of first impressions they’re making. I guess not. I suppose these businesses are looking for a quick cash influx, but with all this exposure, they could be starting a beautiful brand relationship and attracting repeat customers with thousands of first-timers instead of just getting a few hundred ‘wham-bam. thank you ma’am” bargain-hunters, if they polished up their image before they launched their Groupon.

But, c’est la vie. Here’s a quick survey of brand products and services offered in LA in the last month. And, their unpolished web sites. Um, no, I didn’t buy any of them.

Buyers like me are looking for value. If they look professional, and the deal is reasonable, they have a sale. If they look cheap, and the deal is cheap, it’s not much value, is it?

September 18: OaksTavern

October 3: Aaron's Mobile Detailing

October 5: Ambiance MediSpa

October 6: Flappers Comedy Club


October 7: Europe Nails

October 11: Sitting Pretty

October 15: LA Horse Riding

October 16: McG's Irish Pub

October 18: The Bead Lounge

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