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Holiday Quiz: Know Your Film & TV Alphabet


How well do you know your box office alphabet? Twenty-six well-known big and small screen brands start with these letters and the last four (27 through 30) are “Michael’s Bonus” items. If you’ve got a sharp brand IQ, you’ve got a good chance of winning some entertainment.

The holiday quiz is open to everyone. You can team up with collegues, family and friends to finish your quiz answers, but Rampereenos are not available for hints (sorry, holiday gifts won’t help)!

Two ways to win:
1. Entries with 20 to 29 correct answers will be entered into a random drawing to win a 3-month DVD subscription to Netflix.
2. The first entry received with 30 correct answers will win a $50 movie gift card to treat the whole family to an upcoming blockbuster.

To enter, send your numbered answers, full name and e-mail address to with the subject “Film & TV Alphabet” by 6:00pm PST December 14, 2007. Entrants will be automatically added to our creative+design matters mailing list. The winners will be contacted before the end of December for their mailing information.


The deadline has been extended to December 21st. Enjoy!

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2 Comments to Holiday Quiz: Know Your Film & TV Alphabet

  • Ramp Jan 15, 2008 at 12:28 am

    1 ABC
    2 Brady Bunch
    3 Cheers
    4 Dora The Explorer
    5 Exorcist
    6 Family Guy
    7 Godfather
    8 Harry Potter
    9 I Love Lucy
    10 Jeopardy
    11 King Kong
    12 Looney Tunes
    13 M.A.S.H
    14 Napoleon Dynamite
    15 Oprah
    16 Pimp My Ride
    17 The Queen
    18 Raiders of the Lost Ark
    19 Star Wars
    20 Twilight Zone
    21 Universal
    22 Vertigo
    23 Wheel of Fortune
    24 X Files
    25 Young Frankenstein
    26 Zoolander
    27 Dukes of Hazzard
    28 Toy Story 2
    29 Starsky & Hutch
    30 The Price Is Right

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