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Outdoor Double Take

In the response to the ad focus from television advertising to online media and search ads, there’s been a recent surge in outdoor ads taking a creative spin. Great outdoor advertising will be sensitive to the conditions and situation of its placement, not only the location. Such delightful ideas demonstrated in our everyday environment sometimes encourages us to get off of the computer and walk around for a bit of entertaining installation art. Here are a few great campaigns.

A few casualties in the parking lot. I assumed this one got some good press.
Source: BoredStop

smart_brabus.jpgHaven’t we all dreamed of jumping the bridge as it opens?
Source: Cherry Flava

True color match. A great positioning tool for Benjamin Moore Paints.
Source: Por Aqui

Reaching for a brewsky. Nice visual illusion on the printed medium.
Source: Bizpunk

A single-seater. Wonderful visual metaphor.
Source: AdPunch


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One Comment to Outdoor Double Take

  • doland ruiz Aug 31, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    wow, these are fantastic. i especially liked the color swatch piece. wish i could see these in person.

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