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Oliver is a Young One

City Harvest
City Harvest entry

Oliver Lan, a young designer in our studio, has won a merit for his ‘City of Plenty’ entry in the One Show College Competition, The Young Ones.

Oliver and his advertising classmates at Cal State Long Beach competed among various other student teams and individuals for the chance to win a One Show Pencil Awards and cash prizes. Their mission was to encourage people to support New York City’s poor and homeless. The client was City Harvest, and their main mission is to help the 1.5 million New Yorkers currently who live in poverty, and struggle to afford basic necessities like rent, medical costs and food for their families.
One Show Winners

The proof that Oliver is a Young One.

The Young Ones College Competition is a ‘coming out’ of sorts is an introduction of new creatives to the advertising industry. The awards ceremony for all the Young Ones will be held at the 7th annual One Show Education Festival in New York, May 9 to 11, 2011.

Oliver’s merit-winning entry was for Corporate Identity. He admits, “it was a really good feeling to hear that I won a Merit Award.”

Good job, Oliver.

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