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Plugged in…and Turned On

Apple TV 3.0 media menu

After two years of connecting an old iPod to the television for on-screen entertainment (I refuse to subscribe to cable), I finally gave in to purchasing an Apple TV.

I was hesitant at first, because I thought it was just a hybrid between a Mac Mini and a hard drive. That’s hardly the case. The Apple TV is a media center that allows you to access and watch your HD and standard-definition movie, TV show and music files (and does so beautifully), and provides online access to iTunes, YouTube, Flickr and more.

The result? Happiness. The design is intuitive, simple and beautiful. The navigation design is more appealing to the eye than some of my movies. Clean, easy to use, and smart. Fast and easy access to iTunes to buy episodes of The Tudors and 24. Plus I get to enjoy all my media on the big screen. There’s a few things that could be better like shuffling playlists, adding integration with online subscriptions (cable, Netflix, MLB, etc,.) and dual computer syncing, but with software updates, come improvements. Seamless integration between all my technology, yay! Go Apple!

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