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Top Markets for Small Businesses Adopting Mobile

I spend a lot of time online. I know that’s not big news, but those hours are not spent on my computer, they are spent on my mobile phone. The ability to surf on-the-go has allowed me to accumulate my time online while I’m waiting in line, checking in at restaurants for location discounts, and… ahem, waiting for the red light to change.

My Web experience now resides within a 2” x 3” portal view onto the online world, and that usually happens when I’m out and about, and away from my computer. The best thing about the mobile Web is that bar bets can be immediately determined in minutes with Google.

I’m not a lone mobile user. About 63.2 million Americans own a smartphone (ComScore), and of those people, 27% of them are mobile-only phone and Web users, meaning those people don’t even use a computer to get online (MobiThinking). Everyone thought the brick-and-mortar business was dead when e-commerce was born, and now the mobile Web seems to be bringing small business back.

This year, more than 50% of all local searches are done with a mobile device (DigitalBuzz). That means, if you have a small retail business, people are probably using directory apps to find your business, and looking at your site with a mobile device.

And, if you have a storefront, 33% of customers not only used their phones to find your business (Business News Daily), but also to decide whether or not to shop there. Take a look at the shoppers in your store… they are probably on their phones using location-based services right now. 82% of consumers have used their mobile phones in a store (Insight Express).

Smartphone Usage Infographic

84% of smartphone users routinely engage in mobile Web browsing activities (Tatango). Does anyone even talk on their phone anymore?

Is your Web site mobile-ready? Be sure your site can be seen and read on a smartphone or mobile device with an online emulator, and then prepare a mobile-friendly version for your small business customers. They will appreciate it.

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