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Without stories, brands offer almost nothing for their fans to remember them by. Stories create memories, and if told correctly, people will want to share them.

Adding stories to the marketing mix help people remember who you are. A great way to introduce visual stories into your campaigns is with videos. Social networking has made innovative marketing campaigns instantly shareable. Posting movies on YouTube is the newest way for advertisers to get around the short attention spans of TV watchers and spread their message with word-of-mouth.

Heartfelt subject matter is being explored as a strong motivator for sharing. Petya Eckler and Paul Bolis write in the Journal of Interactive Advertising that videos “have the potential to engage even more complex and intense motivational and emotional processes than traditional advertising” and that “actual forwarding behavior has been linked to desires for fun and social connection”.

A great example of a very viral video circulating out there now is Coca-Cola’s campaign “Where Will Happiness Strike Next”. The movie is about the OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) Project, where three Filipino workers who had been away for years, to go home to the Philippines to join their families for Christmas. The OFWs were documented from when they received notification from Coca-Cola to the moment they met their families in the Philippines. What results is an emotional reunion of families whose happiness is enjoyed over a few bottles of Coke.

Uploaded on December 1, and after only two days, the video already has over 700,000 views combined between the original and English subtitled versions. That’s a great tale that’s being told over and over, reinforcing brand recognition.

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