Fresh Ingredients: Display Type

Looking for a bright-eyed typeface to spruce up your look? Here’s a couple of new editions to our ever-evolving list of font favorites.

Alright Sans by Jackson Cavanaugh
Why we like it: A good general utility typeface, lots of weights make it versatile, and a good alternative to Gotham.
What’s cool about it: It has a beautiful two-story G. The italics are nicely balanced. The old-style numbers are standard.
Get it: TypeTrust

Daxline by Hans Reichel
Why we like it: Notable unique forms, and looks contemporary with a bit of style. Clean, but not sterile.
What’s cool about it: The family has a very unique A and equal weights throughout.
Get it: FontShop


Geogrotesque by Eduardo Manso
Why we like it: The family has an industrial edge with an ultra-modern feel. Perhaps that’s why some car ads are using it.
What’s cool about it: The rounded finish to the semi-modular forms makes it easy to read.
Get it: EmType



Foundry Gridnik by Wim Crouwel
Why we like it: Designed in the 70s, this geometric face has a clean hairline weight build on a square grid with 45-degree corners.
What’s cool about it: It looks very techie but its monoline form is very elegant.
Get it: FoundryType (we’re hearing they will only sell to institutions, but we’ll update this when we can find it available).

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