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Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You.

Love, exciting and new. The courting process is so full of wonder and amazement. Ask any woman. The way to guide the courting process is to make sure she is immersed in it. So here’s your chance, hotel marketers. You’ve got a guest interested in seeing your sights. Time to make her fall in love with you.

So she hits up your site. What will make her stay? A dazzling first impression. Beauty. Seduction. Meaningful words, images and space. Brand alignment. NOT pages packed with SEO copy, flashing room specials, and cheesy stock photography.

Lure her in with a gorgeous brand identity, coupled with photography, typography, voice and user experience that communicates the service level of the property. Whether it be luxury, quirky, family or low-budget, in order to be perceived as professional, the image of your site, brochure or first point of contact is crucial. Many visitors are researching, and making a good first impression will determine whether or not you make the shortlist.

Sanderson London

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Natural Foods Brands Who Are Doing It Right

If you walked into a natural foods store 10 years ago, and you could expect to be there for a while. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) packaging and brand messages were a bit messy, labels were crowded with benefit claims, and covered with bad type and green leaves.

Unless you previously identified with the company, you were challenged to make a judgement call on which cereal to have for breakfast before sundown. Part of the judging process included weighing health statements and nutrition facts against price, but could you find the information?

Fast-forward to today, where natural foods brands are much more prevalent. Giant food manufacturers actually own organic brands and many natural foods brands co-exist beside their over-processed cousins on the same shelf. Because of this on-the-shelf battle, natural foods brands had to simplify their messages, instill benefits into their philosophies, and clean up their packaging act.

In terms of brand messages, there’s a little of each home-grown hippie, crafted artisan, slick salesman, and everything in between. I did a survey of natural food brands web sites, looking for a design balance of clear story, fun messaging, authentic approach, and social community. These examples didn’t go too overboard on any of those four pillars. They are attractive, and make me hungry. And they’re not covered in green leaves!

Yumnuts NaturalsYumnuts

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Posted Feb 10, 2012 by in Branding & Identity

Good First Impressions Can Lead To Everlasting Love

You can tell a lot from a person on first impression. A smile, a handshake, or verbal exchange is enough for us to make an assessment on someone’s personality. A few seconds are all we need to form our first impression and develop initial attraction.

Personality + Communication = Love
A relationship starts with an attraction to personality (brains) and physical traits (beauty), and trust continues development through socializing (conversation). The continuing interpersonal attraction can have different levels of intensity, which affect our mental and emotional understanding of each other. Lasting love depends on behavior as much as biology.

First impressions are hardwired into our psyche.

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Posted Jul 30, 2010 by in Branding & Identity

Love At First Sight

Star Trek

Trekkies. The Star Trek brand has created a lovefest of a community for them.

It was love at first sight. At first glance, your heart seemed to beat a little faster than usual. It was attractive and unique, and eventually the thought of it embedded itself into your memory and heart. After the first contact, you desired to experience it again.

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Sweet Logos Quiz

Gobs of sweet typographic fun.

Do you have the ultimate sweet tooth? If you love candy as much as I do, you’ll know these by heart. You’ll probably find these letterforms on the wrappers at the bottom of your desk drawer. Either way, these little bits of type will call out an emotional craving for something sweet… just as good logos were designed to do.

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