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They’ve Got A Spell On You

Target’s brand identity follows a series of visual indicators (design guidellines) that signal our brains and make the emotional connection.

Why do people buy (or vote with their dollar)? There’s many factors, but overall people because of the promise of something better. It’s the promise of true change (Obama), impressing others (luxury brands), building wealth (Charles Schwab), saving money (WalMart), saving their soul (religion), or saving the planet (Toyota Prius or Whole Foods). Marketing guru Seth Godin says that people buy lottery tickets for the “thrill of possibility, the chance for recognition, the chemical high of anticipation.” People buy hope. And most purchases are purely emotional. The whole self-help book industry is fueled on this human instinct.

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Good Design Sells Dogs

The doggy truck: Let’s Be Frank

Apparently, gourmet food trucks are part of the emerging eating trend here in LA. They seem to be popping up in all the major U.S. cities as well. Is it the recession which makes people want to drive around to find low-cost high-end fare meals prepared from a truck? Or perhaps the ubiquity of corporate franchises have people pining for street vendors? Food trucks in LA are easily spotted all over high-traffic walking areas in Hollywood, the beaches and tourist areas.

In downtown Los Angeles, they are easily found parked up and down the streets of ArtWalk, an event held by the art community here on Gallery Row. Or you can just follow their Twitter feed to find where you can grub next.

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Posted Sep 14, 2009 by in Branding & Identity, Observations & Trends

Good Design Caught Cross-Branding

Many companies nowadays are taking advantage of the value that lies in their brand equity and using cross-branding to increase sales in the down economy. Cross-branding is what happens when a company who is known in one market reaches beyond their industry into multiple platforms or products to reinforce their brand.

As you know, Ferrari is a sports car manufacturer. But they also extend their brand onto accessories such as Puma shoes, Dynastar Lange ski boots, and even Legos. Many brands from high to low extend their brands across platforms. There’s some really bad ones like Jim Beam (bourbon) BBQ sunflower seeds, and actually, it can get a little kitchy.

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Posted Jul 27, 2009 by in Branding & Identity, Show & Tell

Why Details Make The Difference

Logo mania covers our walls

When we take on a logo project, we’re asked quite often why the design process is such a long one. Basically, it’s because the details make the difference. A line, spacing, and weight can ultimately make or break a logomark. Even a line weight will shift the balance, concept and ultimately the success of a logo’s application.

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Lifestyle Branding: Selling Illusion or Reality?

Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort’s amenity-plush room

Last week, Michael and I stopped in at Art Center College of Design to give our yearly presentation on hospitality design. The name of the game in the hospitality industry is increasing brand loyalty for travellers. The development of a strong brand is one of the most profitable approaches in marketing for the lodging and food service sectors.

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