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Posted Nov 17, 2011 by in Contests & Giveaways

Get Your Motor Runnin’… Get Out On The Highway Quiz

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Posted Sep 20, 2010 by in Contests & Giveaways

Wildlogo Conservation Quiz

Natural recognition.

Whether they are cute and cuddly, or ferocious and strong, these animal logos or mascots resemble brands with personality. See if any of these creatures bring comfort to your memory and recall skills. Good luck!

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Sweet Logos Quiz

Gobs of sweet typographic fun.

Do you have the ultimate sweet tooth? If you love candy as much as I do, you’ll know these by heart. You’ll probably find these letterforms on the wrappers at the bottom of your desk drawer. Either way, these little bits of type will call out an emotional craving for something sweet… just as good logos were designed to do.

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Posted Nov 6, 2009 by in Contests & Giveaways

Face Value Quiz

Face up to the challenge

Ramp has finally reached its seventh anniversary, and to celebrate, we’ve decided to step up the challenge for the logo-crazed, like us. You can team up with colleagues, family and friends to finish your quiz answers, but Rampereenos are not available for hints!

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Posted Nov 27, 2007 by in Contests & Giveaways

Holiday Quiz: Know Your Film & TV Alphabet


How well do you know your box office alphabet? Twenty-six well-known big and small screen brands start with these letters and the last four (27 through 30) are “Michael’s Bonus” items. If you’ve got a sharp brand IQ, you’ve got a good chance of winning some entertainment.

The holiday quiz is open to everyone. You can team up with collegues, family and friends to finish your quiz answers, but Rampereenos are not available for hints (sorry, holiday gifts won’t help)!

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