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Posted Jan 2, 2012 by in Education

Five Ways To Rev Up Company Collateral

At the studio, we frequently perform design audits of company materials and find ample opportunities for improvement. When we survey such sales and datasheets, we ask a ton of questions: How easy are these to read? Does the layout engage the reader? How quickly can it be read? Is the information understandable at first glance? Like, what if the audience doesn’t read English? Can they tell what the sheet is trying to communicate? Do the visuals translate the information enough?

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Posted Oct 29, 2011 by in Education, Typography

How To Seduce Readers With Better Type

You’re just typing out a quick flyer, email blast or internal memo, so why would you want to improve your type? Better type formatting increases readability, legibility and… well, seduction. Beautiful typography encourages people to stop and read. Better type may mean increased web traffic, sales or just may finally encourage co-workers to put those damn cover sheets on their TPS reports.

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Posted Oct 7, 2010 by in Education, Typography

Typography & The Fibonacci Sequence

Leonardo Fibonacci, or, most commonly, simply Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician, considered by some the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages.

I received a question from one of my typography students today asking about the mathematics of the Fibonacci Sequence and it is applied in the use of setting type.

Hello Mike, I am busy studying for the exam and have a question about the math connected to the Fibonacci Sequence. I understand the sequence of numbers but my notes say that there is a way to determine the header size for 11 point copy and I don’t understand how that works. Please help.
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