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Usable Online Annual Report Trends

With the ability to aggregate information from other sources, of access to online and embedding technologies, and the functionality to present data-mining in a clear, graphic way, companies are now offering readers better ways to work with their annual report content.

The shift in the last decade from print to online annual reports is related to access to the Web and the nature of a company’s audience(s). Since the investors seem to have more experience understanding the integration of messaging across print and digital mediums, we have been witnessing companies putting more effort into their online offerings and less into their printed reports.

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A PDF Does Not An Interactive Annual Report Make

Target Corporation

These reports are supposedly called ‘interactive annual reports’. The only interactive is dragging your mouse across your desk to try and turn these pages and zooming as close as you can to read the text.

Can you read these reports in these Adobe Acrobat PDF readers at full size in your browser? Neither can we. Corporations: how about using techology to benefit your readers instead of the IR department? Just a thought. Is this the way interactive reports are going with the recession?

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Posted Aug 11, 2009 by in Investor Communications

The Juridiction of Annual Report Design

Michael’s contribution in discovering design excellence and awarding 28 platinum and gold awards to hundreds of international annual report entries has been announced and published.

Graphis Annual Reports Annual 2009

Graphis Annual Reports Annual 2009 is available (as of April) complete with some of Michael’s most notable comments such as “The unity of idea and format is something rare,” and “It succeeds in rising above the mundane and the corporate.” In case you don’t have space on your bookshelf for this beautiful collection of annual report inspiration designed by 2009 Show Chair Robert Louey, check out some of the work at or read more information on the judging panel.

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Our Friendly Neighborhood Superhero is Dying

Superman is defeated with Kryptonite as is the traditional annual report

The superhero who used to help us understand a company is starting to weaken.

Our friend, who has been fighting for the clarification and transparency of companies to the individual investor, the printed annual report, is slowly fading away.

Once known as a crime-fighter (or vigilante, if you wish) in the eyes of both the shareholder and the corporation, the report once presented the corporate profile, business practices, company strategy and a snapshot of the financial performance of a company for one year. Over the years, a shareholder could study a few consecutive year reports and make a judgement about where their investment value was most effective. Speaking to the shareholder, the annual report was a form that although sometimes made mistakes, still had intentions to communicate to the everyday laymen what was good about the company. The presence of the report was also a reflection on how healthy the economy is. That was the power of the traditional printed annual report.

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Posted Jun 22, 2008 by in Investor Communications, Show & Tell

Judge Michael

Graphis judging New York Michael Stinson 2008

Michael was asked in early June to participate on the judging committee for the Graphis Annual Report Show. Invited by show chairman Robert Louey, Michael flew to New York City for two days of judging.

The committee who included Audra Brown (Brown463), Richard Colbourne (Addison), Davor Bruketa (Bruketa & Zinic), Javier Leguizamo (Robert Louey Design), David Schimmel (And Partners) and owner Martin Pedersen (Graphis), reviewed over 200 International entries to acknowledge and showcase the 30 best designed and concepted reports for the Graphis Annual Reports Annual 2009.

The show book will be published in early 2009. Michael was honored to be invited and participate in the process.

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