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Copy That

School worksheets on a Ditto.

Long before the ubiquity of the laser printer and the Xerox copy, there was the Ditto. In the 70s, Xerox copiers were being used to duplicate documents in the business world, but schools could not afford such high technology, so they used cheap Ditto or Spirit Duplicator machines. This low technology gave schools a way that they could disseminate information, within budget.

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Posted Dec 13, 2009 by in Random Thoughts

To Live and Design in LA

Bits of type from ubiquitous bad signage on Broadway.

We’ve been in business for seven years now and have been designing in downtown LA for the last five. I keep getting the question on whether I like downtown and what it’s like to live and work here through its transformation.

When we first started working in Los Angeles, we moved the office to Little Tokyo, near Skid Row. Tough area, but it started to change over time. We had a great skyline view of the changing city, from the Disney Concert Hall to the garment district. After a couple of years, we moved the office to the Old Bank District / Historic Core. Most of the buildings in this area have been built in the early 1900s so there’s a certain New York feel to the area… which is why there’s so much ‘New York street scene’ filming in this area as well.

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Posted Sep 22, 2009 by in Random Thoughts

Heavy Additions

Yes, they are backwards.

We just received our Graphis Gold Awards in from last year’s award books: Logo Design 7, Letterhead 7 and Annual Reports 07/08. They are our latest weighty but mesmerizingly shiny addition to the award desk. No acceptance speech necessary.

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Lifestyle Branding: Selling Illusion or Reality?

Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort’s amenity-plush room

Last week, Michael and I stopped in at Art Center College of Design to give our yearly presentation on hospitality design. The name of the game in the hospitality industry is increasing brand loyalty for travellers. The development of a strong brand is one of the most profitable approaches in marketing for the lodging and food service sectors.

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Create Customer Love

Distant Encounters of the Direct Mail Kind

I get postcards all the time from new cafés, salons and dog walking services popping up around LA that say “we’re open!” Really? So what? Are you talking to me? I mean, you wouldn’t just send love notes to all the girls you know just because you’re newly single! Just because you’re are open for business, doesn’t mean business will come to you. Please, these companies focus only on themselves and miss the opportunity to create a relationship with the reader. They must be pretty lonely.

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