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Posted Jun 19, 2010 by in Show & Tell

A Half Score and Seven Years Ago

Our Cal Poly Pomona undergrad group research project, with Michael & I in the same group. 1993. This was typeset on an Apple Mac IIci and printed on the art department’s first Apple LaserWriter.

I am asked frequently how Michael and I met, and the process in which Ramp Creative got its start.

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Posted Jul 27, 2009 by in Branding & Identity, Show & Tell

Why Details Make The Difference

Logo mania covers our walls

When we take on a logo project, we’re asked quite often why the design process is such a long one. Basically, it’s because the details make the difference. A line, spacing, and weight can ultimately make or break a logomark. Even a line weight will shift the balance, concept and ultimately the success of a logo’s application.

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Posted Jun 22, 2008 by in Investor Communications, Show & Tell

Judge Michael

Graphis judging New York Michael Stinson 2008

Michael was asked in early June to participate on the judging committee for the Graphis Annual Report Show. Invited by show chairman Robert Louey, Michael flew to New York City for two days of judging.

The committee who included Audra Brown (Brown463), Richard Colbourne (Addison), Davor Bruketa (Bruketa & Zinic), Javier Leguizamo (Robert Louey Design), David Schimmel (And Partners) and owner Martin Pedersen (Graphis), reviewed over 200 International entries to acknowledge and showcase the 30 best designed and concepted reports for the Graphis Annual Reports Annual 2009.

The show book will be published in early 2009. Michael was honored to be invited and participate in the process.

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Posted Jan 3, 2007 by in Branding & Identity, Show & Tell

New Additions to the Family

Los Angeles logo design: The Seymour Group, GF&T, Casablanca International Events, CWS Housing by Ramp Creative

Here are a few of our brand-spanking new marks (and proud client parents) that we had the pleasure of delivering over the summer. As soon as the full branding systems are finished, we’ll unveil the family photos on our Web site.

The newborns, clockwise from top: The Seymour Group, a real estate company in Beverly Hills, Global Fire & Tech in Chino produces fire extinguishing products, Casablanca International Events of Los Angeles plans and creates large-scale events and parties, and CWS Housing in Austin, Texas provides corporate relocation.

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Posted Jul 21, 2006 by in Investor Communications, Show & Tell

The Fruits Of Our Labor

In recent months, our annual reports for our clients’ fiscal year 2005 have been harvesting awards.

This season’s fresh crop; the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) OC ARC presented a Gold Award for the Edwards Lifesciences online report (second year in a row), and a Gold Award for the Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Cover; The League of Communications Professionals (LACP) awarded a Silver Award for the CWS Capital Partners report, a Bronze Award for the Edwards Lifesciences report, and a Bronze Award for the New Century Financial Corporation report; and Black Book’s prestigious AR 100 Competition chose the CWS Capital Partners report to be included in the top 100 annual reports (second year in a row). We’re enjoying our bountiful summer yield of award-winners.

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