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Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You.

Love, exciting and new. The courting process is so full of wonder and amazement. Ask any woman. The way to guide the courting process is to make sure she is immersed in it. So here’s your chance, hotel marketers. You’ve got a guest interested in seeing your sights. Time to make her fall in love with you.

So she hits up your site. What will make her stay? A dazzling first impression. Beauty. Seduction. Meaningful words, images and space. Brand alignment. NOT pages packed with SEO copy, flashing room specials, and cheesy stock photography.

Lure her in with a gorgeous brand identity, coupled with photography, typography, voice and user experience that communicates the service level of the property. Whether it be luxury, quirky, family or low-budget, in order to be perceived as professional, the image of your site, brochure or first point of contact is crucial. Many visitors are researching, and making a good first impression will determine whether or not you make the shortlist.

Sanderson London

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Posted Dec 13, 2011 by in Technology & New Media

We’ll Take It To Go

Top Markets for Small Businesses Adopting Mobile

I spend a lot of time online. I know that’s not big news, but those hours are not spent on my computer, they are spent on my mobile phone. The ability to surf on-the-go has allowed me to accumulate my time online while I’m waiting in line, checking in at restaurants for location discounts, and… ahem, waiting for the red light to change.

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Usable Online Annual Report Trends

With the ability to aggregate information from other sources, of access to online and embedding technologies, and the functionality to present data-mining in a clear, graphic way, companies are now offering readers better ways to work with their annual report content.

The shift in the last decade from print to online annual reports is related to access to the Web and the nature of a company’s audience(s). Since the investors seem to have more experience understanding the integration of messaging across print and digital mediums, we have been witnessing companies putting more effort into their online offerings and less into their printed reports.

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DIY SEO: Achieve High School Style Popularity On The Web

Being popular takes work.

You’ve got a spectacular new Web site with all the bells and whistles. You’re ready to ‘wow’ them and rake in the dollars. But all you’re hearing is… crickets. Perhaps it’s because your site is floating on a small raft in a sea of similar businesses in Google. Every time someone performs a search for your product or service, there’s 46 pages and 35,000 search results before yours. Sigh.

What you crave is popularity. For your site to be seen, you’ll need some brains to go with your beauty.

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A PDF Does Not An Interactive Annual Report Make

Target Corporation

These reports are supposedly called ‘interactive annual reports’. The only interactive is dragging your mouse across your desk to try and turn these pages and zooming as close as you can to read the text.

Can you read these reports in these Adobe Acrobat PDF readers at full size in your browser? Neither can we. Corporations: how about using techology to benefit your readers instead of the IR department? Just a thought. Is this the way interactive reports are going with the recession?

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