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Posted Dec 11, 2013 by in Typography

Alfie’s Byrne

A special drink menu we typeset for Good People Theater Company for the Fringe Central special libation of the evening. Featured at the Man of No Importance showing at the Lillian Theater, performed in June 2013.

Good People Theater Company Drink Menu

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Posted Jul 30, 2012 by in Inspiration, Typography

Desiring Design: Tipografia Delizioso

I’m not totally sure if beautiful type makes food taste better, but it’s sure appealing to the eyes. We love performing design research in the studio, especially if it’s the study of typography on packaged goods… and even better is if it’s Italian food. Delizioso.

While researching in our studio, we look for communication clues. We try to figure out what graphics, color, typography and other design elements communicate a style, theme or feeling. What makes these design solutions look ‘Italian’?

Pasta Filippo Menna

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Posted Oct 29, 2011 by in Education, Typography

How To Seduce Readers With Better Type

You’re just typing out a quick flyer, email blast or internal memo, so why would you want to improve your type? Better type formatting increases readability, legibility and… well, seduction. Beautiful typography encourages people to stop and read. Better type may mean increased web traffic, sales or just may finally encourage co-workers to put those damn cover sheets on their TPS reports.

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Fresh Ingredients: Display Type

Looking for a bright-eyed typeface to spruce up your look? Here’s a couple of new editions to our ever-evolving list of font favorites.

Alright Sans by Jackson Cavanaugh
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Posted Feb 7, 2011 by in Random Thoughts, Typography

Excellent Typefaces for Legibility and Readability

A typefaces’ x-height, counter, ascender and descender metrics are shown here. 

Whenever we begin the production phase of annual report season (which is in January for us), I start surveying font faces for use in the books. The aim is to achieve typographic clarity and visual comfort for the reader for the large sets of copy and financials, so I look for a face with a good balance of both legibility and readability.

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