Edwards Lifesciences

Interactive Case Study

Helping to improve heart-friendly communications for the number one cardiovascular valve company in the world.

Company Profile
Edwards Lifesciences is a global leader in products and technologies to treat advanced cardiovascular disease and the number-one heart valve company in the world. The company also partners with clinicians to develop innovative technologies in the areas of structural heart disease and critical care monitoring that enable them to save and enhance lives.

Collect / Research & Analyze
Edwards Lifesciences was focused on marketing the company and products through their message of technology and innovation. Although they spoke of the lives they affected and relationships with clinician partners, the evidence wasn’t coming across in their investor relations collateral. The annual report they had been doing for years was always in print format. For a technology company, they weren’t reaching out to their younger, more tech-savvy investor base.

Articulate / Strategize & Simplify
We took the opportunity to refocus the annual report onto their patients. Using patient case histories to describe the relationship between the product, patient and clinician was a great way to communicate the power of the company. Visuals of patients were incorporated and stories extended. The message was authentic; they have a vast database of patients whose lives have been extended and improved by Edwards’ heart technologies. To continue the technology story, an online version of the annual report was developed to reach a larger audience.

Deliver / Produce & Amplify
The first priority was to bring patient stories to the forefront of the report, but in order to keep the innovative message in the mix, we kept the report format fresh and inviting. With their 2004 report titled “Passion & Progress,” we combined a 12-page accordion-folded operations section with patient stories on one side and the company story on the other. The interactive version was designed to echo the two sides, where upon entering the site, a viewer could choose whether to learn about the ‘Passion’ or ‘Progress’ story of the company.

Elevate / Measure & Perfect
In a business climate where corporations are downsizing their printed annual report budgets and opting for digital solutions, Edwards was willing to broaden theirs. We helped them do so in budget-efficient ways, by informing and delighting readers through engaging printed, usable online and intuitive iPad app versions. All this helped spread and amplify the Edwards message. In addition, we utilized reader feedback every year to help us improve the following year’s report.

Words to Live By / 2005

Themed “Words to Live By”, the 2005 report features single words from patients to describe how Edwards helped them extend their lives. The small folded book was packaged with the financials in “Numbers to Live By” and wrapped in a belly band. The online version takes a closer look inside the company and inside the patients. The standards-compliant interactive version featured an audio shareholder’s letter, allowed site-wide text sizing for ease of reading, and PDF downloads of the printed version.


The report featured an audio introduction by Mike Mussallem, the company’s CEO.


And / 2007
The annual report titled “And,” engaged readers with uncoated paper, muted colors and photography, as well as a small format. The report illuminated the partnership between the patient and their clinician who used Edwards valves with monitoring and delivery systems for successful outcomes. The online version expanded the patient and clinician histories highlighted in the printed report and allowed investors to find what they were looking for by providing the information in HTML, scalable text sizes and downloadable financials.


The online version of the 2007 report was a highly universally accessible annual report, written with HTML and CSS.


Partnering For Life / 2010
In “Partnering For Life”, patients partnered with their families, clinicians and Edwards’ employees to achieve the goal of saving and enhancing lives. Edwards Lifesciences’ Tokyo, Switzerland and Latin American facilities also partnered globally to market and manufacture the company’s leading products. The report told the story of evolving global teams and how each of them were vital to Edwards’ success. The online version featured animated charts and an interactive global map. For the first time, an iPad app version was also developed to further extend the story.


The iPad version of the annual report showcased the partnerships made to save lives.


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